Stop Procrastinating, Start Writing: Video lesson

Fiona Thomas
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Do you find yourself lying on the sofa thinking, I should really be writing?

Maybe you set aside time to write but instead, you find yourself rearranging your wardrobe or scrubbing the bathroom.

The one thing that all writers have in common is that at some point.... we all have you sit down and actually write. Pretty annoying, huh?!

In this live 60-minute virtual session, I'll give you a few tried and tested techniques that I've used over the years and have helped me write two books, build a freelance writing business and manage my mental health along the way.

You'll learn how to:

  • Write more often
  • Avoid distractions while you write
  • Build confidence in your writing
  • Enjoy the process!

This is a 60-minute workshop where you'll be given the opportunity to try out some writing exercises yourself so bring a notepad!

Hosted by #1 bestseller Fiona Thomas

This is a live session recording, which was first broadcast on 01.11.21

I want this!

60-minute video lesson and slides

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